Blacksmith products & services

We produce and deliver standard or custom steel products such as fences, railing, gates, table chassis, benches etc.

The products we deliver are of high quality and can be customized to your liking. 

We deliver a series of standard railings such as the classic "Bergens railing", and all the materials used are solid, not hollow. 

See below for latest jobs in this area.

If you want something else made, feel free to contact us! We can produce most of your big and small steel structures.

Custom Gate - Kong Oscars Gate

Custom gate made for a customer in Kong Oscars Gate in the centre of Bergen. 

The gate is handmade on measure by Fana Mekaniske. All details are hand forged and all the nails are riveted. 

The gate is fastened with steel bars from the hinges that are drilled into the wall and fastened with cement.